6 thoughts on ““ORPHAN ANNIE”

  1. Yes,it is a shame! I’m going to ask around about this.The mother could of been killed by another bear as well? I heard of bear hunters being around.They cannot shoot from a boat. These bears are easy targets for hunters & should be left alone!

    1. It appears we may have a outfitter bringing people up here from somewhere? I bet he was visiting Tofino like normal tourists & went on a bear watching tour! He found out where they are locally. Being a outfitter he needs inside information that only the locals have.So he can bring clients up.
      I found out that it is legal to shoot from a boat but the motor cannot be on.How stupid! What does the motor being on or off have to do with hunting?
      The problem is that cubs are generally very shy & stay in the forest line. Making the bear appear to be by it’s self. They shoot her never knowing that a cub was hiding watching & listening.It must be a very traumatizing for the cub! They have a 50/50 chance of surviving after the Sow is killed (by whatever means).Basically,If it makes it to Christmas…….It’s a survivor.

      1. That sure is strange about the motor…
        Can’t imagine wanting to hunt a bear. Surely, these days, the need isn’t there?
        Here’s hoping the cub is a survivor.
        Thanks for the update and information Wayne, it’s good to get more of a view.
        Enjoy your evening!

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