While I was taking shots of the Orca’s………..a friend was taking shots of me! Both these shots were taken by Arthur Ahier yesterday (April 10th,2016)

In the top shot you can see “Rainny” in the background & his mother Wakana” in the foreground. He came close to me in the bottom shot. Always thrilling to be so close to such magnificent creatures!

(that is Creative Salmons’ fish farm (Eagle Bay) in the background)


8 thoughts on “ME & FRIENDS…….”WAKANA” & “RAINNY”

    • Yes,I’m always on the other side of the lens to be sure.Very few times do I get shots taken of me doing my thing.I’m usually always by myself.
      As far as pleasure,I can’t really explain what I get out of it.It’s too abstract for me to be able to express myself clearly. But It’s always such a adventure!
      A life without adventure is so much less.
      thanks for dropping by!

    • Ya,I know what you mean.Trust me…… he’s much bigger the closer he gets! “Rainny” has always been a very gentle soul.He’s a Momma’s boy.He sticks with his mum.I have never seen them apart actually.

  1. thank you Annette,thats very nice of you to say! I look at it differently than when I was shooting.I guess because I’m concentrating on so many things (where is he coming up,do I have the right exposure,focus & focal length) that I really do not stop to think about the beauty too much.Only after do I get a chance to stand back & admire them.It always happens so fast anyways! They are such beautiful creatures!
    Thank you for taking the time to comment Annette!

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