9 thoughts on “THE “SIR WILFRID LAURIER”

  1. Schade das beim Surferbild ein Teil des Schiffes fehlt. Aber trotzdem cool.
    Translation…….What a pity that the surfer image is a part of the ship is missing. But still cool.
    I wanted the waves crashing in the mid-ground.Seeing the complete ship was not primary.
    thank you for dropping by

  2. I see the helicopter bucket is lowered…was this a rescue? and that boat is so close it must have run aground in the storm.

    1. No,nothing so dramatic.The ship brought supplies to the lighthouse & the helicopter was simply taking the supplies over to the Lighthouse island (Lennard island)
      The water is deep in that area,so no worries about it running ground.If it lost power,they would of dropped anchour.

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