Update: There is a better idea of what happened now. The boat was west of Vargas island close to Plover rocks. Plover rock is a Sea Lion haul out.
The Leviathan II must of been on the west side of Plover rock? It was reported that everyone was on the top deck port side. That meant it had to be pointing due south while being on the west side of Plover rock.
Everyone would of been looking towards the east where the Lions were on the rocks. Waves normally come from the west. Everyone would of been looking eastward. With everyone on the top deck (24 people) this made the centre of gravity much higher than normal.
A large wave must of rolled in from behind them without anyone seeing it?
With the centre of gravity being too high,when the wave struck them,she rolled over!
This sums up basically what I believe happened,but keep in mind I am speculating.


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful shots of The Leviathan II. My sympathy for all who are lost, and compassion and heartfelt concern for the injured and as well, with Tofino’s residents.

  2. What a horrific end to a beautiful outing – got goosebumps reading this sad story. My husband and I went on a whale watching cruise with The Leviathan II a few years ago!

  3. Love the photo’s but hated to hear of the tragedy. I’m pretty sure you were one of, if not the first to report this story. Well done my friend. But being who and how I am, (and perhaps speaking prematurely here?) I’m a bit disappointed that you were able to write a few words regarding the otter…but none about this story.

    Doc’ & CJ

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