I came across “Lilly” swimming through the harbour.She was heading westward & I was heading eastward. She seemed approachable. I noticed her nose was recently injured! It had to of been done by a male Sea Otter. When the males mate with the females they grab them by the nose so as to make them stay still. There almost always is a struggle & as a result the females nose gets injured. It’ll heal & become pinkish in colour.
If you see a Otter with a pinkish nose,it’s female.

7 thoughts on “INTRODUCING “LILLY”

    1. actually it’s a female.Look at the nose,it’s wounded. When a male mates he grabs the females nose so she has to submit. There is always a struggle & the females get injured. If you see a pink nose,it’s scar tissue & means it’s a female.

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