This one needs a little explaining.
I’m going to call the bear on the right “Bear #1” & the bear on the left “Bear #2”.
I was with Bear #1 for awhile waiting for it to come around the shore line to me so I could get a closer shot. The tide was almost done dropping. It was very shallow where I was & I couldn’t get out of the boat as the bottom was sticky! So I waited for this bear to come around towards me. It heard something off to the left & ran for a bit. I knew it was another bear & sure enough Bear #2 came out of the forest.
Bear #1 was more interested in overturning the rocks & eating the baby crabs,but Bear #2 was more interested in cruising. So I knew Bear #2 would catch up to Bear #1 pretty quickly!
When Bear #1 first saw Bear #2 it got spooked & ran off into the forest. When it saw it wasn’t being chased, it came back out & resumed overturning the rocks for crabs. Bear #2 kept walking along the shore line & getting closer to Bear #1. When Bear #1 saw this other bear coming up from the rear,It gave a “bluff charge”. A Bluff Charge is meant to tell the other animal to go away or theres going to be trouble! Unfortunately for this inexperienced bear it didn’t realize that Bear #2 had not only seen it run away twice,but that Bear #2 was more experienced with such matters!
So Bear #1 did a bluff charge towards Bear #2,but Bear #2 just stood there looking at Bear #1(“like who do you think your fooling” kind of thing)………………..& than did it’s own charge but this time it was not a bluff charge but a real charge!!
Well,…………Bear #1 took off like it was on fire with Bear #2 in hot pursuit! Bear #1 went into the forest to loose Bear #2 & I could hear all sorts of loud cracking & snapping from trees being broken! Bear #1 came out & was obviously upset! It shook off the stress & once realized Bear #2 wasn’t pursuing any longer,resumed overturning rocks for crabs!
Bear #2 was telling Bear #1 “your not the boss of me”! It wasn’t meant as a real threat but more a dominance declaration!





I originally thought this bear was “Big Red”? I was able to get closer tonight & realized it’s a different bear. This bear has a large scar across the right side of it’s face! No doubt from another bruin! It was done years ago as the hair has grown over.It’s the largest bear I’ve seen out there this year so far. He moves slowly,so suspect he’s getting older or has arthritis?




I’ve found that each animal has a unique personality. You can see the same thing in a dogs litter. Each of the pups have different personalities but look roughly the same.
All bears kind of look the same but have unique personalities as well. The vast majority of the bears I meet are accepting of my company……..but I’ve also found out that there are a few who don’t want anything to do with any animal.

Thats whats going on with this bear. I saw it on the grassy shore of Fortune Channel.Every time I see this bear it wanders off into the forest. I can’t get within 500 meters of it!
For lack of a better description,I’m calling it “Scaredy Cat”.

If a bear doesn’t want company,it simply walks away.




This cub is not familiar with me yet. It’s brother/sister & mother is,but this one is suspicious.
About the worst thing I can do when it or any animal is looking straight at me………… move!
As soon as I move,they know I’m a animal & get scared!
So I try not to move,but sometimes with the wind blowing me out of position,It’s very hard not to move! It’s usually during these moments when I’m poling or paddling (not with camera in hand) that the bear I’m photographing will look at me! Either spooking it or not getting the shot I was waiting for. Oh,btw……….you only take shots of animals when their looking at you or when you can clearing see at least one eye.
So,this cub was watching intently to see if I was going to move??