We got a early reminder of whats to come this Winter. A strong wind storm battered the west coast today. The storm uprooted many trees! Everyone was wondering why so many trees were damaged? We normally get these strong winds in Winter after all the leaves have fallen. Because the leaves acted like tiny little sails,the entire tree took on a greater than normal load pressure from the strong winds! So the trees couldn’t withstand this huge load pressure & went over!
Power was knocked out in many parts of the coast, but Tofino was spared.

6 thoughts on “EARLY WIND STORM

    1. do you know what a roque wave is? A wave set has many waves in it. The wave in the front has more pressure against it as it moves through the water. This added pressure actually slows it down slightly. It slows down enough that the second wave behind catches up! Thus increasing the waves amplitude & making it bigger than normal as a result!

      1. You’d never get me out on a board on the open side there! I’ll happily kayak or paddleboard on the calmer waters…
        Still, it’s important to know what’s happening and why – and be alert, especially as you’re out there so often.

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