6 thoughts on “SUNSET ROW

    1. I saw Robinson rowing back to his place on Calf island as I was coming back into the harbour. I simply went & lined up the sunset with him. I do love to get shots of the water running off the blades,but he went into the dark a second later.
      thank you

    1. After a few growlers from Tofino Brewery,one might just be able to imagine that! I know you love your beer. I wonder what kind a hot sunset would be best paired with? Suggestions…….?

      1. Good question! I’d be very happy with a pint or two of Tuff Session Ale if you’re choosing a local beer. Going further afield, can’t go wrong with Stone Brewing’s Go To IPA – less intense than their Imperial beers, just about perfect for a warm summer evening (if you can find it before it flies off the shelf!)
        Have a good day!

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