They both were a distance from the shore,so I got out of my boat & went onto the land. Bears are not afraid of anything from the water because they have never been attacked by any anything from the water. But as soon as you go onto the land,they get nervous!
Mum is familiar with me but was still keeping a eye on me.



I was planning on going down to the camp site today to do some work but I got a call from someone who wanted to go out on a photo shoot & did that instead.
I take people out from time to time. They always say they got the best eagle shots of their lives!

However,the wind was up! I hate it when the wind gets up! It moves me out of position,gets me wet & makes the ride rough! Plus it darkens the waters surface making silhouettes poor.
We went up to Fortune channel looking for bears. It was low tide,so that should of been the best time to see them but we didn’t see a one in Fortune.
I have a theory that bears like to stay inside the forest on windy days. The wind makes waves of course & those waves crash upon the shore. This & the wind howling in their ears makes noise!
Bears need to be able to hear well to know when other bears are around. If they can’t hear,they get skittish. So they stay on the inside.
The waves were large enough too that we had to go into a bay,beach the boat & wait for a hour or so. The added weight in the bow makes the boat go through instead of over the waves,making lots of splashing!

Having said that,we did find one bear in Gunner inlet. Gunner is smaller & more protected. It unfortunately was laying down resting. It’s better to approach a bear when it’s grazing. It’s attention is consumed with grabbing the grass or overturning the rocks for Crabs.
It watched us come into the inlet & thats all it needed to say “I’m out of here”. We never got within 500 meters before the silly bear wandered off into the forest!
My client never got any bear shots today.
Headed out of Gunner & went to Tsapee Narrows. My eagle friends gave a good show & he got some good shots of them at least.
Headed into town to visit Romeo. Got some sunset silhouettes & that was all she wrote.
Not much of a shoot but the client was happy & thats all that matters on these shoots.






I knew that today would be the last day of good light. A Frontal system is approaching from the NW & that means tons of rain. I had a good stretch anyways & need some down time to finish going through my shots.
I always throw out the bad ones. My ratio is about 25%.So if I take 400 shots tonight,I’ll keep a hundred or so on average.
If I was shooting something easier than wildlife (wildlife never stays still) like flowers,my hit/miss ratio would naturally go up.

At any rate,I headed down to Tranquil. It was high tide & the only way your getting into Tranquil is with high tide!
When I came into the shallows (6 feet or so),I slowed down & than kicked the motor up so as not to clip any submerged logs. Because I’m using this route more & more,I’m becoming more familiar with the obstacles!
While moving slowly upstream,I noticed that I had inadvertently spooked a bear on the small island to my right! It took off into the forest & I thought that was the end of that? Until I noticed it crossing from a flooded area to the streams edge! I got my camera out & sure enough he came out right at the streams edge. He looked at the water,pondered for a moment & than did a big belly flop into the water! He began to swim to the other side. When he reaches the other side,he high tailed it into the forest!
I continued upstream to my campsite. I wanted to make some measurements & take some pictures. I was only there for 5 minutes.
Headed back out of Tranquil.I than remembered that there was this meadow I had wanted to take pictures of! It’s down in Tranquil but is hidden by a line of tall trees! The only way I knew it was there was by accidentally seeing it on one of my aerial shots! I bet nobody ever goes there! Tranquil is isolated enough but this place is hidden from view!
As I mentioned it was high tide,so I was able to go over to this spot easy enough. At low tide it would be dam near impossible!
This entire area is a open meadow & just gorgeous & what was the first thing I spotted when I got out of my boat……….a second bear chewing away on that sweet fresh Spring grass!
Trouble is he was a good distance away! I had to pole my boat (I was in 10 inches of water) over to a spot where I could get onto solid ground. Whenever I approach a bear on land,I always get rid of my jacket (bright red). Red is not a natural colour. I try to wear earth tones only. I walk towards the bear watching intently. I could only move when it’s head is down grabbing the grass. When it’s mouth gets full,it’ll raise it’s head & look around. They do this so as to make sure no other animals are about! They watch for movement. They may not have sharp vision at a distance but they have excellent eye sight for movement!
When the bear is looking around chewing away,this is when I don’t move! It did spy me after a few minutes anyways. I froze which seemed to work? They may not be able to tell exactly what it is but if it moves,they know that means it’s another animal! All animals are watching for other animals out here!
Walking was hard. The ground was very uneven! I had to step slowly forward while watching the bear & not the ground.
But,it didn’t matter,he spotted me! I was up wind anyways,so I knew I wasn’t going to get too close. In hindsight I should of gone to my left 50 feet or so & used a tree/bushy area to cover me. I could of walked much close & than simply come out on the side of that cover & gotten the shots. Oh well,live & learn.
With the bear now gone & the tide dropping,I decided to get out there. I decided to go into Fortune Channel. Came across a bear almost immediately! I slowed down & began to move closer but before I could get any half decent shots,the silly bugger slowly walked off into the forest! I think I saw it climbing a tree in the back? Each bear has a unique personality. This bear was the skittish type.
Left & continued looking along the shoreline. I found Monkey & her Mother the day before, so I went to the same area & sure enough,both were there!
They didn’t pay much attention to me,so I was able to get some good shots!
The sun was going behind Meares island,& thats always my cue to head back.

I noticed on the way back that the Frontal system had moved in & was already starting to snuff the light. I expected it,but sometimes the light can be interesting? (silhouettes only of course) Headed back to town.Stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit the Daredevil & Delilah. Had a nice visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. Said goodnight & headed to Deadman island to visit with Romeo……….& maybe Juliette? Sure enough,my buddy was home & so was Juliette!
I wasn’t too happy with that snuffed sunset but shot a few anyways.
Said goodnight to them both & called it a night.
Seeing that swimming bear today was the highlife for me personally!



20150408-IMG_5787We get a lot of rain each year. It’s what I call a “high energy” environment!
When logging is done on a steep slope,the heavy rains can wash away the soil. This in turn makes the sediments unstable & creates these landslides.
Yes landslides do occur naturally,but we can at least minimize our impact upon the environment by leaving these steep slopes alone.
Remember that all that sediment gets washed into the streams where the salmon spawn. If that sediment covers the eggs,the eggs cannot get the oxygen needed to grow & thus will die. This reduces the number of returning salmon. Making the all the animals that depend upon the returning salmon less able to survive. When eagles,bears etc do not have enough food,the females naturally hold off on having any offspring. Reducing the wildlife for years to come.
So you see,we as humans can disturb a area & not see the true affects for years to come.
It’s one big domino affect basically.



20150408-IMG_5842It would appear that Monkeys mum has had a slight case of mange up her face. Not to worry,she’ll clear up in a month or so.
She has a great temperament! She just looks at me & than goes about her business eating. Little “Monkey” on the other hand is apprehensive towards me………… most cubs are. I always have to be careful not to move while the cub is looking at me. The Sow’s are generally ok,but the cubs are almost always a tad skittish.





20150408-IMG_5862 I called the cub (yearling) “Monkey” because he likes to climb trees. Cubs generally do this when alarmed,but “Monkey” appears to do this as a means of exploring.
He climbed this one tree & after awhile his mum came over to call her down (I think it’s female cub btw?). The Sow’s have a little grunt they use to call their cubs down.
After calling gently,she decided to wait at the base of the tree & have a nap while Monkey climbed down.
Monkey finally came down & wandered over to his mum to wake her. It was almost as if he was saying “I’m back Mum,come on,lets go & get something to eat”.
Watching animals interact with each other is a reward in it’s self!