I went down to Tranquil today. I found a new route in! Because of that log jam, there is a newly carved route into Tranquil! I was pleasantly surprised.
I suppose during the winter time when we had our strongest rains, the streams volume increased so much so that it couldn’t get through the log jam & flowed around this blockage! There is a new flow route!
I’ve been coming into Tranquil for several decades now & have never noticed this route before?
I know I couldn’t of missed it. I could see lots of recently deposited gravel all around. Being a X Geologist I slowly started figuring out what had happened.

I had my chest waders with me this time. I hopped out & gently pulled my boat upstream.
The exit of a stream will flow back & forth across it’s estuary many times over hundreds of years. All the boulders & gravel will get rolled over again & again, making the stones smoother.
I could see that the next Frontal system was closing in fast! By the time I got to Tsapee Narrows I had 10 minutes or so before the light went bye bye for the day!
I didn’t have the light,so I couldn’t take too many pictures today. Still,it was great getting out!

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