4 thoughts on “FEMALE SEA OTTER

  1. She. I can tell it’s a female by the nose. When Otters mate,the male grabs the nose of the female to stop her from taking off & making her more submissive. This usually tears her nose during the process. When the injury heals,it’s always a pinkish colour.
    So this Otter is a female & has mated.

  2. If you’re ever up around Ahousaht, You should give me a shout! A fellow wildlife photographer and whale-nut who doesn’t get on the water often enough! Otters are also on my list – I still haven’t gotten a good photo!

  3. Really enjoying your blog – I have just booked a trip to Tofino in June. Was wondering if you see many sea otters as I loved seeing them on a previous trip to Vancouver Aquarium and they also featured in the new Blue Planet series – not sure if that has reached Canada yet. I got some fun footage of them which I put on my blog here, along with some panorama views of my Canada travels so far… https://heartensoul.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/spinning-me-round/

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