20150127-IMG_739120150127-IMG_7396I just checked my archives to find out how long it’s been since I was last out in my boat……………..11 frigging days!! It seems twice as long as that!
The weather hasn’t been cooperating! If I have no light…………….I have no pictures! I find these periods the most trying as a photographer to be honest! I sometimes can go out to the beach to get some shots but one can only do that so many times.

I headed out today & went down to Cannery Bay. It takes me the better part of a hour to get down there. I checked to see if there were any of my Lion friends hanging around on the float……………….zero! I now believe that the Lions are not going to show up this Winter? Very disappointed! Their food fish are obviously else where?
Headed over to Tranquil to see if the Trumpeters were around? I stopped the boat by Rankin Rocks to glass them both. It saves me a lot of time if I can see them down at the end of Tranquil or not. No point in going all that way down there if nobody is home!
Couldn’t see any dots of white down in Tranquil?
Nobody was hanging around Rankin either. My third strike! Cannery,Tranquil & Rankin all vacant! That took the better part of 2 hours to find out,but I still enjoyed the boat ride!
I decided to head back for sunset. I noticed the clouds were forming in a manner I always watch for! They cover everything but the west! There is a clear strip from north to south all along the western sky. I call it the “Venetian” affect. It’s like a huge Venetian blind has been set up by Mother Nature & she took out two blinds right near the oceans surface! I always keep a eye out for this when it happens! It can produce dramatic results sometimes! That expansive cloud layer blocks the sun but than bursts forth suddenly right near sunset!

I decided to bypass visiting with the Daredevil/Delilah at Tsapee Narrows. I could see the sun was on the verge of coming out & wanted to go see Maggie.
As per usual she flew out to greet me but wasn’t alone! I got a rare treat tonight……………..Moe was following behind her closely! He’s not the friendliest of eagles.
It was good to see them both together!
The light was doing exactly what I thought it would. Producing a thin strip of gold light along the entire length of Meares island with the rest being dark. The background was beautiful!
Spent some quality time with both of my friends & said goodnight. I moved onto visiting with Romeo & Juliette.
They too came out to greet me. It appears I was missed by all!
The wind was kicking up too btw! I hate when it does that. The waters surface gets so dark. If I take any silhouettes the eagles are semi absorbed in that darkness. Basically you can’t see them as good!
Took a few shots of my feathered friends & called it a night. Said goodnight to them both.

It was great to be able to get out after what seemed like eternity! Having nobody home at Cannery,Tranquil & Rankin was disappointing true,but just seeing my friends again made up for all that!