20150114-Chesterman Pano #2I made a slight error today! I was about to head out in my boat with my camera bag already on my back,when I thought I’d check the Satellite weather site to see what was going on? I saw a bank of cloud coming in not more than a 100 clicks SW of Tofino. I verified that with a local beach camera. It looks westward.

I need the light to take my shots! If there is a bank of clouds moving in that’ll block the light I see no reason to head out! It takes a lot of effort to carry my boat down to the water,the engine & all my gear! I decided that we were most likely going to loose the light in a hour or so…………………… no point in going out!
I decided to go out to the beach instead. The beach is always a great Plan B.
I went out to the beach & quickly realized that those clouds I saw on the Satellite site were dissipating as they approached the coast line!
Basically,the light was going to stay good & yes I could have gone out in the boat! Mother Nature suckered me! She’s always keeping me on my toes!
I hate making the wrong calls,……………but I still saved the day with some good beach shots!


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