20141225-IMG_3407I haven’t seen my friend in what seems like a very long time. I was very happy to see Romeo flying over to greet me! He always makes me smile when he does that!
I wished him a Merry Christmas! When he sailed above me,he was only 20 feet away! When you get close to a eagle,you can actually hear the sound of their wings cutting through the air! Once you’ve heard that,you’ll never forget it!


20140421-IMG_106620140421-IMG_104520140421-IMG_1041Merry Christmas folks!
I went out last April 21st with my tree decorations & decorated this “wild” tree. A “natural art bomb” if you will!
It took me awhile to clear all the small bushes away! I have since gone back with my chainsaw & cut that bush to the left down! I will reshoot in the Spring when the snow pack is the greatest!
Someone planted Daffodils on this rocky islet & they come up right on cue each year. This small islet between Morpheus & Meares island has no name,so I am calling it “Daffodil islet.


20141219-IMG_3069-220141219-IMG_3074-2Once again our winter weather prevented me from getting out on the water & land!
I saw “Charlotte” coming around for a drink & decided to set up my camera/tripod. I didn’t have to wait too long! Which is great because I’ve found my arms can go numb after 5 minutes. Holding my arms up will drain the blood from my arms.
If a hummer comes & my hands are down by my side,the hummer can get nervous & fly off if they see me moving to my camera! The trick is to move “slowly” or keep your hands on the camera. I prefer keeping my hands on the camera myself.
I’ve found if the hummingbird knows me,they are less apt to freak out & be more calm.
I’ve also found that if I move while they are drinking it’s better,than when they are just resting looking around.
Hummingbirds are a very sensitive lot!
Charlotte hardly flinched when I took my first shot. They can get scared when the flash goes off & they hear the mirror slap.
But like I say,”if” they get to know you they are calm enough to just keep drinking & not be bothered by the light & noise!
I sometimes just stand in the door opening & watch them. It’s not only cool to watch them come & go but also a great way of introducing myself to them.
I’ve found if I’m home,”Li’l Chirpy” will face towards my apartment so he can see me,but if I go out,I’ve found he’s facing outwards away from the apartment! As if he’s waiting for me to come home?


20141218-IMG_305420141218-IMG_3055It poured here today,so there was no way I was gong out in my boat or even the beach!
I saw “Li’l Chirpy” perched outside my door & thought I’d take a few shots.When it’s pouring out,he likes to perch out of the rain & chill. He believes that my feeder is his & defends it from any other hummer!
So I was pleasantly surprised to see a second hummer drinking away & “Li’l Chirpy” not only didn’t mind but chased away a interloper! I tried to take some shots of the this second hummer but unfortunately none of them turned out sharp.(the light was getting low)
However,I could see that this second hummer was a female! So it looks like “Li’l Chirpy” has a girlfriend!