20141230-IMG_407220141230-IMG_4079Nobody was exactly sure who these guys were? So I asked the “Orca Network” to ID them.
They believe that these are the T068’s. In the booklet entitled “Adventures with Killer Whales in Clayoquot Sound” by Rod Palm (Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society),the T068’s have 9 recorded members.
There were only 4 that were visiting us today. I believe the two adults are T068B,T068C,with B being the larger of the two.
The two calfs are T068B (or B1?) & T068C1. There are no pictures for B1 & B2,so am not sure who’s who here?
I’m pretty sure one of them was T068C1. T068B is a female born 1987. T068C is a female as well & was born in 1992.
T068B is 5 years older & as a result I believe to be the largest.
These are “Transient” Orcas. They eat warm blooded animals such as Seals etc. The “Resident” Orca’s are fish eaters. Anecdotally I have become aware that these rules do not always hold true!
If your a Transient Orca (meat eaters) & are hungry! You look around & can’t find any Seals & a school of Salmon goes by………..your going to go after them!
Conversely,If you were a Resident Orca & couldn’t find any fish around? If you were hungry & a Seal swam by,your going to go after it!
So these rules are for 95% (?,majority) of the time,but they do “cross” over from time to time & change their diet.(ever briefly)

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