20141112-IMG_988220141112-IMG_9878This is the “Sherman T” heading out with a load of hay for their horses. The “Clayoquot Wilderness Resort” is at the end of Bedwell inlet. It’s a very expensive place & only the rich/famous go there. I use to go there & camp when there wasn’t anything or anybody,but it’s gotten really crowded for my taste! Wilderness is suppose to be……………..wild! Not gentrified!…………….& certainly not $1700 a night for a pretty tent!

I went up into both Fortune Channel & Gunner inlet looking for bears,but alas no one was home. I wasn’t too surprised because it was high tide. With the colder temps my furry friends are looking for a place to sleep away the winter in.
After checking both spots out,I headed down into Grice bay to see what was going on? I flushed out a dozen eagles down by the falls! They had to be there for the salmon,but I couldn’t see any? I can’t believe that any of them would try to get up the falls & the bottom wasn’t the right type for them to lay their eggs,so I haven’t a clue what was going on?
Headed out of Grice for Tsapee Narrows. My friend The Daredevil was there! The wind was coming from the east & kind of screwed up my angle. I always want the eagle heading into the sun,not away from it! Too many shadows heading away!
We have a Arctic Outflow happening right now & that means winds from the NE & E.
Said goodnight to my feathered friend & took off towards town.
I went around to the north end of Morpheus island to see if my girlfriend was home? Sure enough Maggie flew out from the darkness to greet me!
She’s such a joy to see! Took some great shots of her!
The sun is setting so early now that it seems I’m always being pushed for time! Said goodnight to my girlfriend & went to see if Romeo/Juliette were home? Romeo was,didn’t see his better half?
We spent some quality time together! The wind made the surface of the water too dark for my liking! Much better if it’s flat calm!
Said goodnight to my friend & went to see if I could get a sunset shot. The sun’s setting so far south now! Took a few sunset shots & came back in.
It sure was cold out there today,but I dressed for it! I have no windshield on my boat,so I get hit full force with the wind chill!
Was disappointed I couldn’t find any of my bear friend wandering about but as I said,with it being high tide……..not surprising. That wind was a pain in the butt actually & cold but I managed through it.
Still had a great afternoon shoot!