20141129-IMG_1380I got my birthday wish today! The weather has been poor for so long I thought I’d never be able to get out! It would appear the powers that be, granted me a birthday wish & made the weather perfect!
I dressed warmly because of the cooler temperatures. Remember that I have no wind shield,so being warm is the critical ingredient!
I know that all the bears have gone to bed so no point in looking for any of my furry friends.
I did find that the Trumpeter Swans had arrived however! The K-19 gang were in their normal bay close to Tsapee Narrows. Too a few shots & continued on my way.
I went down to Rankin Rocks to see if any birds/seals were hanging around? Turns out nobody was home on the rocks. They like this spot because no ground predators can get at them. I did find a few Harbour Seals hauled out near by however.
I than headed from Tranquil Inlet to Cannery Bay. I thought I’d see if any Sea Lions had arrived yet? They come & stay in Cannery Bay for the winter.The Lions are usually around by now……….. but it would appear not. That means their food source can’t be either. If it stays that way they may not show up at all?
Headed back to town. Stopped off at Tsapee Narrows. The Daredevil came over to wish me well,but couldn’t see Delilah anywhere?
The suns angle is so far south now! Only three more weeks & it’ll start to swing back further north!
Said goodbye to the Daredevil & went to visit Maggie on Morpheus island. Right on cue,she flew out to greet me! She’s always a sweetheart!
Took some shots of my girlfriend but noticed the sun was minutes way from setting! Said goodnight to Maggie & headed over to Deadman island to visit with Romeo/Juliette. Romeo did come over to wish me a Happy Birthday!
He posed for me on his rocky throne & than went back over to the island. When he does this I know he’s not coming back & I have to follow him over to the island.
Juliette came over as well to wish me well! Took a few more sunset shots & that was it for my birthday sun!

Being able to get out on my birthday was the best gift I could of gotten today!

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