20141026-IMG_857520141026-IMG_8596The weather finally broke today! I’ve only been out once in October so far. So I wasn’t about to turn down an invitation by Mother Nature!
It was the second time out with my new engine too! The break in period is between 20 & 50 hrs. It started up beautifully! I’m very happy with it!
I headed straight down to Tranquil creek.The tide was coming up to high. As far as getting shots of bears grabbing salmon,the tide was all wrong! I need a low tide.
I went all the way up to & past the old bridge. No way anyone could get past that point without pulling ones boat over the washboard rapids.
I had my chest waders on,so I got out to take a few shots. Didn’t see a single bear…………disappointing but understandable. The bears eat during low tide & than go take a nap with full tummies! They wait for the next low tide.So at high tide they would be napping.
As I was wading through the water I stumbled on a rock & almost fell into the water with my camera! I did save it from going under but wet in the process & also whacked my left knee on a rock. A little misadventure.
I let my “drift rig” go downstream. It has my Go Pro secured to it. I was trying to get some shots of the salmon but after reviewing it………………mostly forgettable footage. Nothing to write home about.
Just drifted slowly downstream. Didn’t’see a single bruin anywhere?
Started up the engine & headed out of Tranquil. I came across a Harbour Seal that seemed approachable. I found if they are with others & one of them leaps into the water,they all quickly do the same,but if nobody else is around,they tend to hang around longer on the rocks.
I thought I’d drop into Gunner inlet to see if any bears where walking about but alas,not a single one.
Went around the point into Fortune Channel to look for bears, but nobody home there either. High tide is not a good time,especially during spawning season. All the bears go to their favourite stream to catch salmon. They need to pack on body weight for their winters napping!
I like to describe it this way…….think of you having a big Thanksgiving dinner every day for 1 month! The bears become almost drunk from being full & are very placid! This is when you want to take pictures of bears! They don’t care because they have full tummies!

Headed back to town but not before stopping for a visit with the Daredevil at Tsapee Narrows! I could see both of them perched up high.
The Daredevil did do several runs. Glad the Daredevil came over but he did seem a little reluctant? I haven’t seen him very much!
Continued on my way. I went around the north end of Morpheus island. I stopped & was looking around for Maggie or Moe when she all of sudden appeared! I haven’t seen my girlfriend for a 1 1/2 months! She looked beautiful! She is always such a happy bird!
Spent some quality time with my girlfriend. Said goodnight & moved on to Deadman island. Juliette wasn’t around but Romeo was. He didn’t come over to greet me. Being a fuss pot I suspect.
Took a few shots of my friend & called it a night.
Didn’t get much today,but it was still fantastic to get out & to also go all the way into Tranquil! It’s really very beautiful up in there!


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