20141015-IMG_828320141015-IMG_8283-2In what seems like a eternity,I was finally able to get out in my boat with my new engine!
It works perfectly! My boat on the other hand………..does not! One of the seams under the left tube let go & I basically had lots of water coming in.Which meant I had to leave the plug out to allow it to drain.
I headed down to Tranquil to check things out. I already knew the tide was all wrong but was considering this a more or less recon trip.
This was my first trip into Tranquil this year. I always go slowly on the first few trips until I see where all the trees/logs are hiding?
They move around during the year from storms. Everything seemed to be as I left it last Fall. With the tide being high,I had no problem getting into the system. The current was flowing briskly as well. I went as far as I could & tied the boat up. I changed into my chest waders & tried to walk further upstream. I could but it was difficult. The light by thus time had failed,so decided against going further upstream.
I did see one bear further upstream on a downed tree. They always seem to use that tree as a set of stairs.
If it was low tide I’m pretty sure I could of advanced further. There were plenty of Chum salmon all over the place! I stood still for a few minutes & two of them swam between my legs!
To have a front row seat,I began to think about camping up there? The problem is that the bears are walking along the rivers edge all the time. I always camp away from animal trails to avoid obvious problems.
There are two old semi submerged trees further down stream that would make a most excellent sleeping platform! It just might work? I will have to look seriously into building a platform! I have a “tent cot”
that would work most excellent on top of the platform! I could tie up the boat as well! The bears wouldn’t bother me too!
I’m pretty sure the platform would be destroyed by stream flotsam through the winter,but it might survive?

At any rate,after checking things out,I headed out of Tranquil. I went into Gunner inlet looking for bears,but nobody was home. Continued on to Tsapee Narrows. Delilah was home but no Daredevil.She’s always so temperamental. Took a few shots of her & headed into town. Both Romeo & Juliette came over to say hi! The light wasn’t the best but the clouds did add a bit of drama.Sunset was a snuff job,so came back in.

My first shoot in such a long time that even if I didn’t have the light I wanted,it was still fantastic to get out & blow the dust off!

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