20140506-IMG_2514I absolutely love going into Gunner Inlet looking for my furry friends! This beautiful scenario is stained by three abandoned boats! I have no history on these boats but will ask around? I assume the people who were mindless enough to abandon them also didn’t care about any oils or other toxic fluids released into the environment!
This has to be the largest littering I’ve ever seen!
Today I went into Gunner & found three bears! Two of my furry friends were in the shade & I always try to avoid shooting a bear in poor light!
Just doesn’t seem worthwhile to me? I mean,once you’ve taken beautiful close up shots in excellent light,shade shots fall a far second.
The third bear was on the eastern shore in excellent light!It was my little friend “Li’l Jackie”!
She seemed to be very happy grazing here & there. I spent the better part of a hour with her. I followed her to the southern end of the eastern shore where she ran out of accessible shore. She slowly went up into the bush over the small ridge there for the next small bay over.
I wasn’t about to motor over into the next bay & wait for her because that bay always seems to be in full shade. I said goodnight to her & went to the far end (north) to have a look at another bear. It was in the shade but it was walking towards the light! It was lolly gagging about,so I knew it would take awhile to move 200 meters & the shadow from the setting sun was moving faster! So I didn’t even try!

Headed out of Gunner. Normally I would of skipped over into Fortune Channel but because my bear dance ticket was full & the sun was beginning to get low,I decided to skip Fortune & head back into the harbour for sunset.
I did stop off as per normal at Tsapee however. Both the Daredevil & Delilah seemed active! I wonder if they have a egg yet? I also wonder if they leave the nest (for a few minutes) when they have a egg? To stretch their wings. I suspect they do.
I stayed with them for 15 minutes & could see the sun was getting lower in the west.
Said goodnight to my friends & headed west to town. I did stop to visit with Maggie on Morpheus island. She flew over to greet me! She always brings a big smile to my face!
I love to use the snowy mountains to the north as my background subject,but there were too many clouds tonight,so the light was poor.
I noticed a small boat near by. They must of thought that I was crazy talking to a eagle! It’s almost always me & one of my animal friends.
Very rarely is there anyone else with me.
Said goodnight to Maggie. I took off & she began to follow me. I yelled at her to go back & she did.

Went to Deadman island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. I haven’t seen Juliette in awhile & can only assume she is out of site laying low in the nest with her egg/s?
Romeo was preoccupied tonight with a interloper on Beck island! Beck is a shared territory true,but this interloper was on Romeo’s side!
So I didn’t really get to visit very much with my feathered friend tonight. Couldn’t blame him actually.
Decided to go back in seeing as how the sun had set.
Another memorable evening shoot for me!
PS – I’ve named this bear “Elaine”. A friends daughter (Elaine) is very sick right now & I thought it might help cheer both of them up!

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