20140411-IMG_007720140411-IMG_009820140411-IMG_0121I got my first bear of the year today! The weather has been poor for several weeks! So when the sun came today,I didn’t need to be told twice!
The tide was perfect too,low. I headed down to Gunner inlet to check on any bruins yawning about? Nobody home unfortunately. I did hear from a friend who lives in a float house at the mouth go Gunner that he had seen a most unusual bear! It appears that there is a bear down that way that has a coloration! This bear has a semi white patch all along it’s right side? I can’t wait to see it!
When I name my bears I keep in mine their physical & personality qualities. I basically see the bear & figure it out from there. This bear is going to be different.I’m naming it before I see it.A first! I’m going to call this one “Casper”. The Komode bears of the Great Rainforest (Princess Royal island) can be white. One in nine are due to genetics.
So this bear has something going on & am very interested in seeing it!
I left Gunner & went over into Fortune channel. I went all the way up the eastern side with no luck. I decided to check the other side for harbour seals? They like to hang around a certain spot usually,but not today. I was discouraged & decided to head back. Thats when I noticed a bear watching boat sitting still down in a bay! They do that for one reason & one reason only………He must of spotted a bear!
Sure enough as I got closer I could see one walking along the shot line eating grass. After they wake up from their denning,they tend to eat grass first & than move onto crabs etc. I couldn’t get close to this bear because of low tide. This bay has a very shallow angle. I wasn’t complaining & took what I could at a distance.
Headed back to town after seeing my first furry friend. Stopped at Tsapee Narrows to visit with Logan. The moon was coming up in the east,so I couldn’t resist in grabbing a few of him with it in behind.
I moved westward a bit into the Daredevil’s/Delilah’s territory. Only the Daredevil was about. Delilah must be on the nest?
He was in fine form today as per usual. Took a few of my friend with the moon as well. He perched onto a tall snag. I couldn’t line him up with the moon. The sweet spot was on land,so I landed the boat & walked around trying to find it. The sweet spot is where the moon & eagle line up together. I think of it like drawing a line straight through from the moon to the eagle & down onto the water/land. That spot on the land/water is the sweet spot.
Said goodnight to my feathered friend & headed back into the harbour. Time was limited,so I skipped visiting Maggie & Moe. I’m sure she’d understand. I went straight over to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo/Juliette. Romeo came out to greet me as per usual. He always brings a big smile out of me! He flew to his throne & waited for me to arrive. Eagles fly much faster than what my boat can travel & they don’t even have to flap their wings!
I took a whole series of shots with my beautiful friend & called it a night after the sunset!
Saw my first bear of the year & got out. What more could anyone ask! Another day in paradise!


20140409-IMG_005220140409-IMG_005820140409-IMG_0062Well,thereeeeeeeeee back!
In force too I might add! I’ve been watching them the last few nights? I open my sliding door & just lean up against it. The feeder is only 2 feet away at eye level from that point. As long as I don’t move,they buzz,hum & chirp their way along merrily! They always come in droves (actually the collective noun for Hummingbirds is a “Charm”) around sunset. Sort of like having a last drink before going to bed. Because there are only 6 feeding stations & anywhere between twenty/thirty Hummers trying to get a night cap,a line up begins to form! I’ve noticed they sit side by side & take turns going in for a drink. They kind of look like a little pumping machine going up & down! If that weren’t enough,a third one will come along & fly above them both trying to get in as well!
So I decided to think of a better solution for my little friends. I went to the local nursery,(OCN) & found that I could buy more of those little plastic flowers! I came home,took the feeder down & drilled 6 more holes.I put the flowers in & refilled. I could hear them chirping away outside! When they chirp,they are upset! It’s their way of complaining. So I hurried back & rehung it. They were in such a hurry that two of them landed instantly while I was still holding onto the feeder! I froze & watched them! They are getting to know me! I’m always flattered when a animal allows me to get close. It means that they have accepted me into their flight zone. They only do that after becoming familiar with you!
So I hung it & immediately noticed that the new flowers were leaking! It appears the new holes I drilled were a hair too big! I brought the feeder back & had a look at it again. By this time the chirping was getting louder & louder outside!
I had to make the hole a hair smaller? Than I came up with one of those brilliant ideas! I put a small piece of Masking tape over the holes. I than pushed the flowerette through the tape. It worked perfectly! The tape was acting like a thin gasket!
So now I probably have the only 12 station feeder in the world?
It appears that they are drinking about 1/2 litre per day. They are mostly Rufous Hummers with a few of the larger Anna’s still around.

I always take great delight in being fascinated by the largest birds (Eagles) & the smallest!


20120206-20120205-IMG_6220This beautiful creature was murdered by a local RED NECK! Two wolfs were found shot & thrown away in a local garbage dumpster!
I found out today that one of the wolfs shot & than thrown in a local dumpster was “SALTY!The other wolf was one of her three pups! Her partner “Pepper” & two other pups survived the attack!
It appears that a local REDNECK (Graham somebody who works for Botting. He operates the crane) went out & for no valid reason, shot her dead & one of her pups! She never harmed anyone & never even came into town.
This stupid redneck went out & on purposely shot her & her pup dead! Than went to shore & picked up the body’s. He than delivered them to the woman who’s dog was killed by other wolfs.(Jenson Bay pack) She didn’t want them,so they were unceremoniously thrown into a local dumpster!
These two wolfs will be greatly missed by the rest of their family!!
The wolfs (Jensen’s Bay pack)that were coming into town were being feed for years by another redneck. He died & with the wolfs than not being fed,they continued further along the shore into town looking for their food. I can only assume that when they didn’t find their food,they killed 3 local dogs.
Five wolfs have been murdered now!
It took me 2 years to be able to enter into their flight zone! All animals have a flight zone.If you enter it & they don’t feel comfortably about that,they simple disappear into the forest! They leave.
I’ve been very patiently hanging near the edge of their zone for years. They finally allowed me inside several years ago. Now some stupid SOB has murdered her & one of her pups!
My friends are dead….!!

UPDATE: January 10th,2013 – I just found out that the guy who shot Salty was found dead! He shot himself!