20140413-IMG_074220140413-IMG_074820140413-IMG_076120140413-IMG_0769Every third outing in my boat,I have to take my gerry can for fuel. First thing I did once getting out was to head down to the marina. While fuelling up I heard a splash in the water near by & was surprised to see a Californian Sea Lion! He (it was a male) was under the marina eating. Lions have a unique way of eating a fish! They grab it & bring it up to the surface. They than whip it hard to one side! This usually tears off a piece & they promptly gulp it down! They than go back down to find the rest of the body (which is sinking),grab it & repeat the process.
That’s what he’s doing in these shots. What you don’t realize is that fisherman coming back in from a successful trip clean their fish down on the dock beside the marina! They usually throw the guts/cleaned body into the ocean. The Lions aren’t stupid either! Once they come across these feeding spots,they hang around waiting for a toss!
Someone caught a Halibut & tossed it. Must of been a big one too! Mr.Lion was busy tearing/gulping for half a hour!


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