20140409-IMG_005220140409-IMG_005820140409-IMG_0062Well,thereeeeeeeeee back!
In force too I might add! I’ve been watching them the last few nights? I open my sliding door & just lean up against it. The feeder is only 2 feet away at eye level from that point. As long as I don’t move,they buzz,hum & chirp their way along merrily! They always come in droves (actually the collective noun for Hummingbirds is a “Charm”) around sunset. Sort of like having a last drink before going to bed. Because there are only 6 feeding stations & anywhere between twenty/thirty Hummers trying to get a night cap,a line up begins to form! I’ve noticed they sit side by side & take turns going in for a drink. They kind of look like a little pumping machine going up & down! If that weren’t enough,a third one will come along & fly above them both trying to get in as well!
So I decided to think of a better solution for my little friends. I went to the local nursery,(OCN) & found that I could buy more of those little plastic flowers! I came home,took the feeder down & drilled 6 more holes.I put the flowers in & refilled. I could hear them chirping away outside! When they chirp,they are upset! It’s their way of complaining. So I hurried back & rehung it. They were in such a hurry that two of them landed instantly while I was still holding onto the feeder! I froze & watched them! They are getting to know me! I’m always flattered when a animal allows me to get close. It means that they have accepted me into their flight zone. They only do that after becoming familiar with you!
So I hung it & immediately noticed that the new flowers were leaking! It appears the new holes I drilled were a hair too big! I brought the feeder back & had a look at it again. By this time the chirping was getting louder & louder outside!
I had to make the hole a hair smaller? Than I came up with one of those brilliant ideas! I put a small piece of Masking tape over the holes. I than pushed the flowerette through the tape. It worked perfectly! The tape was acting like a thin gasket!
So now I probably have the only 12 station feeder in the world?
It appears that they are drinking about 1/2 litre per day. They are mostly Rufous Hummers with a few of the larger Anna’s still around.

I always take great delight in being fascinated by the largest birds (Eagles) & the smallest!


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