20140303-IMG_6208I have shot this scene through the years hundreds of times & after reviewing them, have to come to a interesting conclusion!
Each shot was taken from the same spot & of the same thing (through the years) but each one is different & I think it’s because of the light!
The light is always different & thus makes the same thing look different!
So,each year has 365 days in it. If you are, say 20 years old,you have lived 7300 days. If there was some way you could of recorded the light every single day,I believe that you’d find that each day’s light is unique! Kind of like a snowflake. No two are the same!
Now granted some days would “look” similar of course but if you looked closely at those ones,you’d see the light probably had a different angle,tone etc!
Which means the light on our roller coaster ride from cradle to grave is different every day!
Just a observation.


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