11 thoughts on “EL CAP & HALF DOME

  1. Wow, Wayne! I know exactly where to drive for that view of Yosemite. That is such an iconic view and with the snow no less. I still get tears in my eyes after all my visits as the Valley opens up at this vantage point. I’m glad you linked in to Sunday Stills in 2023!

  2. Janet on This That and the Other Thing has a picture I think from the same angle and it looks so different. Yosemite is an amazing place, isn’t it? Gorgeous shot, Wayne.

      1. We had that pleasure for about 35 years, Wayne. But when you live somewhere, you seldom seem to go there unless you have company.

      2. living in a given area allows that person to understand far more.
        For instance, because I live in Tofino I know exactly where to go and when! Many Nat Geo photographers on assignment come up here, but they only stay for a few weeks at best. They cannot compete with that.

      3. I believe that! You are a true professional photographer. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about photography, but I don’t have the dedication of a professional to go back during different parts of the day or year. Places vary so much from season to season and from year to year. You and Janet had two very different views of Half Dome and that was just two examples. The clouds make such a impact on the pictures too.

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