20131223-IMG_2125I have been waiting ever so patiently for good weather! A Saint would be impressed!
I have been waiting for some good weather to get out! If I don’t get out,I have been known to become a Grumpy old Grinch!
So when it cleared up today & I headed down the road,I was ever so disappointed to see not only rain coming our way but the harbour was already capping from the wind! I knew instantly that this is exactly how bad things can happen! Someone with not as much experience might push going out & get themselves into big trouble!
I couldn’t do a thing but return to my apartment very disappointed! I decided to do the next best thing & go out to the beach. I did get a few shots but nothing outstanding. It was more a cathartic exercise!
I’m putting all my hopes in getting out tomorrow……….”CHRISTMAS EVE”!
I have a present for all of you……………

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