20131017-IMG_9218We got a lot of cloud today! I originally thought I wasn’t going out,however the clouds did part (later than what I would of liked) & I headed out.
Too late to go down to Tranquil to check out the salmon/bears,so I went up into Fortune for just bears.
Found 5 of them tonight too! I recognized one of them. I call her “Scaredy Cat”. She, for whatever reason is a very shy bruin! I can never get close to her. I understand & stay away. Bears have unique personality’s!Each one is different.
I also came across a Sow with one cub. Mum was fine with me but the cub was skeptical? Cubs generally are apprehensive. They just don’t trust anyone or anything & that’s a good thing. When they get older they’ll be able to determine who or what’s dangerous!

Took some shots of my bear friends & headed back. I did get out later today,so the sun was lower in the west.
Didn’t see anyone home at Tsapee so I continued on to Deadman Island. By the time I got back into the harbour, the sun had already set unfortunately,but both Romeo & Juliette flew out to greet me! I waved to them as they led me back to their island!
The light by this time wasn’t anything special!Ten minutes earlier & I could of gotten some great shots! Traveling around takes up so much time!
Thats the reason I didn’t go down to Tranquil as well! Not enough time!
Still,It was great getting out & seeing some of my bear friends.
I had a friend e-mail me after she saw some of the shots. She thought one of bears was smiling at me!
Had a great afternoon shoot at any rate!

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