20121214-IMG_151820121214-IMG_1519A clearing developed overnight & it gave me the opportunity to get out!
Probably the last time of the year for me! I leave for a three vacation from Tofino on Sunday & will not be back until January 8th.
The tide was very high again,so putting the boat in the water was a challenge once again! I made sure to push the choke all the way in this time!
Went down to cannery to visit with my Lion friends. I was shocked to find yet another Lion with a wire around it’s throat!
I found another Lion with the identical wire around it’s throat last February. It most likely starved to death or died of infection from being in a weakened state. The same fate awaits this Lion!
It is a young male Californian sea Lion. It’s condition is good for the moment,but I suspect that is because this wire is recent?
Because I am leaving,I will not be able to observer this unfortunate creature & report back to you. Once I come back,I will see if it is still around?

Said good bye to my Lion friends & headed over to Rankin rocks. I found several thousand Dunlin’s coating the rocks! They all had their little beaks tucked into their feathers resting.
I continued on down into Tranquil to check on the Trumpeter swans residing there. There normally is 6 but only 4 were there today. They spook so darn easy!!

Went to Gunner Inlet on the off chance of finding one of my bear friends,but with the tide being so high & it being so cold out,I knew the odds were slim to none & Slim just left the building!
Decided to come back into town for sunset but noticed the next Frontal system had moved in to snuff the light. You can see that with the shots of Romeo.

Had a good shoot today but finding that entangled Sea Lion upset me!

You can see how high the tide was in this shot. All the Cormorants had very little room left on the rocks! Most of these are Brandt’s with a few Double-Crested thrown in for good measure

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