20121214-IMG_154720121214-IMG_155120121214-IMG_157520121214-IMG_162320121214-IMG_1625This is that Sea Lion I found with a wire around it’s throat! I found another one last February with a very similar wire around it’s neck as well.
Trying to get this wire off is a tricky affair! We would have to wait until it was near death so that it could be approached! If we tried that right now,it would jump into the ocean before we got within 50 feet!
Waiting is the only way to capture it. It has to weaken enough that it can be approached! This unfortunately means that it’s state of health is precarious at best! It most likely will die of starvation or infection from it’s weakened state!
This wire almost looks like a snare?

4 thoughts on “ENTANGLED SEA LION!

  1. that cord is so very sad.. I hope someone is able to catch the poor thing and remove it.. very cruel thing for someone to do.

    1. I found a second one with a identical wire around it’s throat last February! I wonder aloud if someone is setting snares for another animal (Otter?) & these Lions are getting caught in them unintentionally?
      Nothing can be done once the wire has been synched! It will most likely slowly starve to death & or die from infection once in that weakened state!
      Trying to tranquilize it will only cause it to drown once the drug took affect!
      I have alerted officials about this situation. It could come off some how I guess,but doubt it.
      Off for holidays for three weeks. So I will not be able to check up on our friend till January!

      1. I think that someone is upset at the fish the sea lions are catching. there were some sea lions found beheaded south of Courtenay.

        I feel very sad for the one you photographed, it must be very painful..

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