She is the only bear left wandering about! All the others have gone for their Winter nap!
Our bears do not technically hibernate btw. We get no (or very little permanent) snow! Bears & many other animals hibernate because the snow covers all of the food! As your already well aware of,it’s cold in the winter! Which means you burn up more calories keeping warm & thus need more food! If all the food is covered with 5 feet of snow,this presents a BIG problem! So Mother Nature has decided that for animals in these areas to survive this environmental conundrum,they had better go have a sleep & wait for the Spring.
Also,technically bears do not hibernate to begin with! We think they do,but they do not. They go into a deep sleep. I’ve asked those in the know the difference & the best they could explain it to me was that a state of hibernation is simply a deeper level of sleep.
So,because our coast line is almost snow free & their is plenty of food about,our bears do not even go into this long deep sleep! They nap for a few weeks or maybe a month. Get up,go get something to eat & than go back to their Den for another nap.
Repeat as necessary!

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