I didn’t have the time to make it into town to be with Romeo & Juliette for sunset,so I stopped & took a few shots at Tsapee Narrows! It was a rare calm moment in Tsapee! Maybe one day out of a hundred will be like this!
The island on the right is where the “Daredevil & Delilah” have their nest tree.


The wind was down today so I was able to get out! The last two days had strong westerly’s!
The tide was high as well,so I already knew that the number of bears out & about would be reduced considerably! Having said that,I did come across three!
A Sow/cub (Maw & Chubby),& a single adult!
I found “Maw” & “Chubby” in Fortune Channel & that other single bear in Gunner Inlet. The sun has shifted much further south! When I left Fortune Channel to go over into Gunner Inlet,I could clearly see several klicks away that it was already in shade! There is a ridge to the SW of Gunner that is now blocking the light when the sun gets low! I’ll have to go into Gunner first from now on.
I returned into the harbour for sunset & noticed that there were few clouds for the sunset. I went to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & was surprised to find Juliette!! She & Romeo did fly over to greet me! however,that was it for Juliette’s greetings for the night. She just sat in the tree watching Romeo & I.
Spent some quality time with them both at any rate! The sun set & said goodnight to them both.
A good night’s shoot!

The “Pacific Spray” was heading out to do a harvest. It’s the harvest boat used by “Mainstream” at their fish farms.


Came across Maw & Chubby heading north along the shore of Fortune Channel tonight. I was lucky to find them! The tide was high & that usually means the bears are having a nap or basically else where!
“Maw” was skittish tonight! After she heard me coming in,she stood there looking at me trying to decide if I was a threat or not. It didn’t take her long to decide that I was a threat! She simply walked into the forest with Chubby in tow!


I saw this barge heading out when I was in town earlier. Those white tanks “use” to contain smolts. They were dumped already at Creative Salmon’s fish farm,McCall’s. The Chinook smolts would only be 7 or 8 grams.
A large hose is attached to the bottom of each tank & a valve is opened to release them into a pen. They will be feed what is called “Crumble”. Which is simply small feed pellets. They will grow to their full size in about 18 months or so & than harvested for market.