Man! Did I have a poor shoot today!! I took a grand total of 13 shots! I normally shoot around 3 or 4 hundred!
I saw two bears but they both went into the forest before I could get close! Plus the wind was blowing me all over the place! I got soaked just from the spray! The waves were pounding me as well! I basically put out alot of energy tonight & got the worse results of my life!
I swear If I don’t get redemption with tomorrows shoot,I’m going to be very disappointed!!
All the eagles were gone as well! I looked around the harbour when the sun was perfect but couldn’t find anything to shoot!
I decided to call it quits when the sun set!


I did get out today. I went up into Fortune Channel & found a large female bear right away!She was cruising along the shore line & even did a swim around a large log! I followed her for awhile & saw that she was going to enter into the shadows! After she entered into this darkened area,I continued to follow her & than she simply disappeared!
I figured that she must of taken a well known trail into the bush & pulled out my map to have a look. After looking at the map I realized that she probably was cutting across a point of land & so I went around this point to wait for her.
Sure enough after waiting 20 minutes or so,she came out on the other side just like I thought she would! She did go back into the shadows however! I did a few more shots & left.
I looked around for any of my eagle friends but couldn’t find any tonight! So I decided to head out to the Lighthouse for the sunset.
Got some good shots out there & called it quits after the sunset.
No eagles tonight but I did get one bear!


I got out a bit earlier today. The tide was high but I still went up into Fortune Channel to look for some of my furry friends. Came across one of them,but it went into the bush! I had to be over 400 meters away as well! It was very calm out so I’m sure it must of heard me coming? I took my “safety shots” & it was a good thing! They’re the only ones I have of it!
When I first spot a animal,I take some shots at a distance in case it takes off. I call these my Safety shots.Some Bruins just don’t like company I suppose!
I searched the entire eastern shore for anyone else out & about but to no avail.With the tide being so high I wasn’t surprised!
I always go out around the same time of day (near sunset) because of the type of light,not when the bears are out! If I run into one or two,bonus!
They mostly are out & about at low tide. They need no water so they can get at the rocks where those tasty little crabs are hiding!
I also went up into Grice Bay to check but didn’t see a creature a stirring.
I stopped in a calm Bay I like & just sat there thinking in the warm sunshine. Someone I knew just died in Tofino! I wasn’t friends with her but we were friendly to each other. I always get introspective when things like this happen!
I moved on after half a hour or so & headed back into town. I did stop at Tsapee Narrows to check & see If the Daredevil or Delilah were around? She was but he wasn’t. When she’s by herself,she’s always been standoffish!
Moved on to see if Moe & Maggie were around…………& they weren’t! But I was pleasantly surprised to find my good buddy Romeo back from the spawning grounds! If he was back, that means that the salmon must not be ready yet & or their numbers are not high enough at the moment. It’s just a guess,but if a animal has plenty of food & water,they will stay in that area.
It was good to see him again! Juliette wasn’t around. Got some shots of my friend & left to go get some harbour sunset shots.
I did technically get a bear tonight & a eagle,so it was a good nights shoot, but than It’s always great to get out in Nature!! My therapy!

These kayaks were coming back into town when I was just leaving.


This is where I like to shut off the motor & just sit back! I listen to who’s chatting! I could hear a adolescent crow squawking for food from it’s parents at the far end of the bay.
If I pull my motor all the way up,the top of the motor is at a 45 degree angle & perfect for me to lean back on! I just drifted in the shallows & listened.

I thought about the woman I knew who died yesterday. Death has always been a mystery to me…… I suspect it is for everyone!
I haven’t a clue if we go somewhere else when we die?
I can tell you what I do know. I do know that the majority of people out there do say they “DO” know! How anyone could know about something they have never experienced is beyond me? I think they are “hoping” it is as they think?
If there is something after death I can guarantee that it’s very different than what anyone has ever imagined!


Two words can best sum up tonight’s shoot “slim pickens” & slim just left the building!
I didn’t come across any bears & only saw two eagles at a distance! I wasn’t too surprised about either of them however. The tide was too high for the bears to use the shoreline & almost all the eagles have gone to the spawning grounds to party & feast!
I did run into a few friends when I was out & they gave me a bag of fresh prawns that they had just caught! Didn’t catch too many great shots tonight but I did come away with some beauty prawns!
I was scrounging tonight,so please excuse my meager offerings!