Yesterday & today were both overcast! I didn’t get out yesterday because of the overcast & figured tonight would be the same. I normally (at this time of year) head out around 5:30pm-6pm or so.
I decided to stay in tonight but was pleasantly surprised to see a clearing move in from the north! I did get out but much later than normal…….8pm!
I really couldn’t go anywhere except the Lighthouse. I knew the sun wouldn’t be out for very long! I went out & waited for the “Light Show” to start.
The sun did come out but a larger cloud moved in & stopped the light from coming out further to the north.(harbour/town)
I went around the Lighthouse trying to get different angles & came across the resident eagle (“Lennard”) on a rock west of the Lighthouse.
The sun had been swallowed AGAIN,but I could see a thin clearing on the horizon continuing to the north. I hurried back into the harbour to take advantage of it. I went to visit Romeo & Juliette at Deadman Island but the silly birds weren’t home! I only had a matter of a few minutes of gorgeous light but couldn’t find anything for the foreground subject! I was choked!
I had to settle once again for the “Talofa” as a back up subject & called it quits after that.

It was a unusual shoot tonight! Didn’t get much,but Photography is alot like love………….”It’s better to of tried & failed than to watch from the sidelines”!


This is what it looked like at sunset! It was beautful! Just one problem…………..both of my finely feathered friends were not home on Deadman island! Romeo & Juliette were (for whatever reason?) not on the island! I could see Sam in the nest but nobody else!
I was choked! Just when I needed them,they take off to “who knows where”?
I decided to take the shot anyways just to show you what I missed out on. The light for 5 minutes was fanfriggingtastic!
It always boils down to be “at the right place,at the right time,with the right equipment”!
Next time……….


I did get out today & went straight up into Fortune Channel for some bears. Came across one but it wasn’t up for a visit. Went into the forest before I could get within 300 meters!
On my second pass south I came across “Big Red” & the twins, “Teeny” & “Weeny”! The light & tide were perfect! They were facing west & the tide was coming in. I could stay on shore & not worry about getting grounded! The twins seemed to be skittish however! They only hung around a short while before galloping off into the forest! They heard something in the forest to the north & that was all she wrote for getting any cute shots! It was just Big Red & I.
She stayed out on the shoreline overturning the boulders & gobbling up the crabs. Than she decided to go for some salad & started eating the fresh greens higher up the shore line. A shadow started to come in from the setting sun & I decided to get out of there. She decided to do the same & slowly walked into the forest all the while calling for her cubs.
I went back to Tsapee Narrows & visited with the Daredevil & Delilah. They both were very active tonight!
I said goodnight & continued on into the harbour. Thats when I saw a large fog bank rolling in! I knew the light was going to go bye bye for the night!
I tried to make the best of it & look for anything to put in the foreground!
I saw one of the Beck island eagles on the rock in the middle of the harbour. Got a few & that was that!
Big Red saved my butt tonight! Still, not a bad evening shoot, even if the sunset was snuffed by that nasty fog!


I got out today. I was pleasantly surprised to find that as the day progressed,the fog regressed! By sunset all the fog was gone,even from the western horizon!
I went up into Fortune Channel & Gunner Inlet looking for bears, No one was home,so I went down into Grice Bay & found the same! They all must of been having their siesta’s!
I returned to Tsapee Narrows & visited with both The Daredevil & Delilah. I still haven’t seen their eaglet yet! Their nest is very hard to see!
I continued on into town & went straight to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo came over to his rock to greet me. I didn’t see “Sam” in the nest however. Never sure if he’s crouched low in the nest or hidden in the trees somewhere?
The sunset was great tonight! I found some kayak’s coming back into the harbour at just the right moment!
Another great day out even if I didn’t find any of my furry friends!


I had second thoughts about heading out tonight when I went down to the harbour & saw all the fog! However,I know two things that most do not!
I not only know that there would be no fog in Fortune Channel or Gunner Inlet (& there wasn’t!!),but I also know the route very well! I was able to go through the fog no problem! I use to use a compass to navigate through the thick fog at one point! If you stay on a bearing,at a certain RPM for a set length of time,you have a “Vector”! A means of knowing where you are roughly. It gets you in the ball park.
I managed to get up into Fortune Channel & found a bear at the south end. I haven’t seen this bear before. I noticed it had a larger than normal “blonde”colour to it’s mouth! All of the bears on Vancouver island have this trait! After a short visit with my newly found furry friend,I skipped on over into Gunner Inlet. I came across my furry buddy “Li’l Red”! He seems to like this one area for the fresh greens I suppose! Great place to dine out!
I took some video as well with my GOPRO. I could see that the sun was getting lower in the sky & I could also see that the fog had advanced further into Tofino Inlet! I anticipated that. Fog seems to be fairly predictable in that regard. As the sun sets,the temperature drops slightly & the fog advances! Heat holds the fog at bay during the day,but watch out when it starts to cool off!
I left Gunner Inlet & headed back into town. I could recognize all the well known landmarks through the fog. I had become familiar with them over the years!
A interesting evenings shoot!
I found this Native canoe coming back in from a tourist outing. People pay to go out on a paddle!
They must need the exercise!


This is “Ginnard Point”. It use to be called “Spittle Point” after Bill Spittle, who lived there for a number of years. He came from “Glenshee” Scotland.
Bill lived in a shack on this point with his dog “Joe Beef”! Bill was a prospector & lived a simple life I suppose.
I remember reading once that he was down by the waters edge with his dog,when he heard a splash behind him! He turned & saw what he described as a “large black horse like head” rearing out of the water about to grab his dog! Well old Bill grabbed his dog & high tailed it back to his shack for protection!
Bill did drink a bit,but several others saw something similar a few months later!
Our own “Nessy” I suppose!