I finally was able to get out after 6 days of twiddling my thumbs! It’s been cloudy & so the light was poor at best!
The tide was dropping & would hit low slack while I was up in Fortune Channel. I went straight up into Fortune Channel & came across a small bear very quickly!
It was a bit skittish & so didn’t hang around for very long. I searched further up the shore to the north but found nobody home. Some other Bear watching Zodiacs were up there watching bears as well. After they left I couldn’t find the bears they had been watching. I turned south & found “Big Red” & the twins,Teeny & Weeny. They all were in the shade unfortunately! I couldn’t do anything about it & so did the best with what I had.
Continued on to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. The sun was beginning to get low in the west. It’s about this time I noticed the full moon rising in the east behind me! I almost forgot about it! That was stupid of me! We’ve been having so much cloud lately that I wasn’t even thinking about it!
Said goodbye to my feathered friends & continued west into town. I wanted to find any eagle where I could back off & shoot it against the full moon! I couldn’t find anybody! I decided to continue on to Deadman Island to see Romeo & Juliette. The sun was starting to get obscured by some low cloud! I lost the light,so I decided to do some silhouettes!
Thats when I found one of the Lovekin eagles on a perfect perch to put the moon in behind him! The tide was ripping so trying to stay in the sweet spot to line them both up was very very tricky! Also,it was very hard to get the focus with the low contrast conditions. I found that I was getting frustrated & called it a night after shooting a few.
Wish I could of gotten more moon shots but my time window was gone! I only have 30 minutes or so when the moon’s contrast is perfect! Not too pale & not too bright! The “Goldilocks” zone!
Getting the Lovekin Eagle silhouetted in front of the full moon sure saved my butt tonight!

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