This is a rare sequence! It’s the only shots I have of a Eagle swimming!
This happens from time to time,but as I say……rarely!
When a eagle grabs a fish,it can misjudge it’s speed/height & go into the water! This can mean death to a eagle if it is too far from shore. Hypothermia sets in & it drowns! Fortunately this eagle was close to shore! I raced in to get this shot quickly when I realized what was going on. So quickly I hit a small rock with my prop! I arrived just as it was getting to shore. A eagle cannot dislodge the fish from it’s talons! With the fish’s weight & the added weight of the water, it cannot take off out of the water! So it is forced to swim! I’ve only seen this happen three times!
I noticed that the end of it’s tail feathers show alittle darkness. A sure sign that this eagle has just graduated from being a adolescent!(4.5 – 5 yrs)
It might also explain the rookie move?
I am not familiar with this eagle.

One thought on “SWIMMING EAGLE

  1. That’s pretty darn cool. Too bad about the prop but very cool to see the photos. Thanks for risking life and prop to get these photos to us :)

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