I got out today,even though it looked like a large cloud system was about to move in from the west & snuff the light! It turned out that this cloud system actually dissipated enough to allow the light to shine! I was pleasantly happy to be wrong!
I went up into Fortune Channel looking for bears & only came across one tonight. A female yearling. I’m going to call this one “Mangy” because it appears to of had a bad case of mange! She’s on the mend, but the bout with the mange, made her fur look funny! She had a “Mohawk” going up the spine from the rear!
The fur had fallen out on each side of her flank! Making the spine have a “Mohawk” look to it! I’m sure she’s just being trendy!
She didn’t mind me being around & I had a nice visit with her.
I than went back into town. I stopped off to see Moe & Maggie,both were active tonight. I wonder if they have had any eaglets this year? Their nest is hard to see! If I had to guess,I’d say they don’t. I see too much of them all the time. Which tells me there’s no one to take care of at the nest!
I could be wrong of course & hope I am.
I than continued on to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo came over to his rock as usual. Only he does this,Juliette doesn’t like the rock at all.
She did get off the nest & fly about to stretch her wings however! I still haven’t seen a head or “heads” poking out from the nest yet? Soon!
I saw a “Sun Dog” in the sky & knew that rain would be coming within 24 hours! It was an unusual one at that! Very sharp & bright!
Another great evening out in the wilds of Tofino!

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