I went to visit a old friend today. I didn’t plan for it to happen on Earth Day,but it did! Cosmic serendipity!
The trail going up to her had several freshly downed trees blocking the pathway! No doubt from last winters wind storms. We had a few good ones,but than we always do!
It was sad to see her laying there so broken! This tree was the largest tree in Clayoquot Sound! It is the 6th largest Western Red Cedar (known) in the world!
It was measured by Robert Van Pelt (Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast,page 31) to be 10,320 cubic feet in volume!
To give you some perspective,he measured the “General Sherman” (California) at 55,040 cubic feet! The largest known tree on the earth! Roughly 5 & 1/2 times larger than Earth Mother!
Earth Mother was most certainly older than a thousand years! Only she really knows her true age & thats probably the best way for it to be!
I shot the nude 5 months before she came down!
This tree was always a inspiration to me personally!
Not many people know where she lays & that’s just fine with me!

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