I did get out today. I went straight up into Fortune Channel for bears. Unfortunately nobody was home!
I even zipped around into Gunner Inlet…………..ditto.
They are very close to coming out. I can just feel it!
Bears technically do not “hibernate”. They go into a deep sleep. The coastal bears more or less nap for awhile & do not go into the same deep sleep as their mainland cousins.
The first thing they do when they get out & about in the Spring is eat grass. It helps their digestive system clear it’s self.
I’ll have bear shots before the month is out… me!

With no one home I decided to came back into town & visit with Romeo for awhile.(Juliette stayed on the nest with the eggs)
He did one of his great greetings for me again tonight! When he saw me (over a klick away!) ,he flew straight for me,circled around behind & came in low on my right! Without even flapping his wings,he travels faster than I do in my boat!
He went over to his rock to await my arrival. I couldn’t really shoot him on his rocky perch because it was low tide. His rock is surrounded by mudflats during low tide on one side & that almost always is the good side for light!
He was active tonight.
They are the only eagles that I am aware of at the moment who are expecting. Romeo & Juliette are always early in that regard.

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