I managed to get out today. The weather has been poor,so getting out has been difficult to say the least!
I heard that a bear was spotted with her cub up in Fortune Channel! The low tide was in my favor too! I only go out a few hours before sunset(golden light!). So when the low tide swings around into my time window,I take advantage of it!
I went up into Fortune & unfortunately there were no Bears home! I even tried Mosquito harbour,but came up snake eyes!
Even though I may not of seen anything or come across another animal,the main thing is that I got out! I may not of seen a bear but I set myself up to “maybe” see something else! Photography is all about stumbling upon opportunity’s & more importantly…….recognizing them before they happen!

After visiting Mosquito,I headed back into town to visit with my feathered friends.
A large cloud was coming up from the SW & I knew the sun was going to take a nap. Just as well while I’m traveling. I hate traveling around trying to get to this spot or another & the light is fantastic!
I knew that the sun was going to come back out near the horizon with “golden” light! I just needed to find the best seat in the room?
Deadman island is the only place for sunsets! A sunset by it’s self is beautiful,but if you can have something of interest in the foreground,than it bumps the shot up into the excellent category!

I found this Harbour Seal all by it’s self up in Fortune. So I guess I lied when I said I didn’t get anything up in Fortune.
Notice how well the Harbour Seals markings camouflage it against the rocks!
It was good to visit with all my friends today & can’t wait to see the bears again!

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