Tofino Harbour

This is the fourth day in a row that I have been able to get out!
I went out earlier than normal because I thought I’d take advantage of the weather & go see if I could find any glass balls?
I went out to Cox Point. Cox Point is exposed to open ocean & a dangerous place to be at any time of the year! Just south of it is a small beach that nobody can get to! I thought this spot would be good to check over for glass balls because nobody would be able to get into it!
It took me awhile to get there because it was alittle rough. I couldn’t put the boat up on a plane because of the waves being too much. So I just traveled slowly.
When I got there I realized that there was no way I was going to beach the boat! The waves were crashing in front of the beach! So all I could do is take shots of the beach from a distance. Later when I was processing the shots,I zoomed in to check the beach out & couldn’t see any glass balls:(
I returned back into town & went straight through all the way up to Fortune Channel hoping to see a few bears.
It was coming down to low tide,so I thought the bears “might” be out overturning the rocks for baby crab?
No luck. The lazy bruins must still be in bed!
I than returned back into town to visit with my finely feathered friends. Thank God their around! No glass balls or bears today,but I always have my eagle friends to fall back on!

When I first got out,I came across this group of Kayaks coming back in. The winter is over when you start to see these guys paddling about!
Another great day out even if I came up a bit empty handed folks!

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