The weather has been poor to bad lately! So I didn’t get anything today.
I did hear of a rumor today about a dead Orca washing ashore on Chesterman’s beach,but that turned out to be bogus!

So I came across a shot I took when I was first learning about photography. I think I took this around 74 or so?
I shot this on a summer day & those trees are Willows.
I was using some colour Infra-Red film.( Ecktachrome 200 ASA) I had a yellow filter on. Everything that is normally green,will turn magenta!
The electro magnetic radiation we receive from the sun is composed of many wavelengths.
This film has a emulsion that is sensitive to certain wavelengths. (700-900 nm) Infra-red film is composed of several layers all sensitive to the “blue” end of the visible spectrum. Thats why a yellow filter is needed.
The film gives a ghostly feel! That effect actually has a name. It’s called the “Wood Effect”. Named after a pioneer in Infra-Red development. Robert W. Wood (1868-1955) He was a American Physicist that was best known for his work in the Ultra-Violet wavelength.
He’s the one that discovered that “Black Light” effect you see at Raves or dances.

This “Pagoda” is in “Jackson’s Park”. Which is in my home town of Peterborough,Ontario.

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