I didn’t expect sunshine today,but it came anyways! A big wind storm hit just before sunrise & made a mess!
The power did go out for a few seconds but we managed to stay on line. I heard that over 40,000 were without power on the island alone! All the Ferry’s were shut down!
It was to say the least “a high energy day”!
I went out to the beach & discovered that I couldn’t get over to Frank island! The tide was coming in & the waves had already blocked access! Dam!
The waves looked massive over on the far side of Frank!
So, because I couldn’t get over to shoot,I’m posting a shot that I think would of been similar. I actually shot this on Feb 15th,11.
The waves today would of been twice this size! Some of the largest I’ve ever seen at Frank!

The weather looks poor for the rest of the week unfortunately.

3 thoughts on “WIND STORM

  1. Love it – great colors! The light in the foreground and the dark in the background is the holy grail of light – and of course the great wave makes it.

    I was out shooting today myself… fun stuff.

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