Red Tailed Hawk

I went out today knowing that there was a very good chance the light would be snuffed! We’re coming into a frontal system & that will shut down the picture taking factory for now. So I wanted to get something today seeing as how I won’t be doing anything for a few days folks!
I went down to Tranquil Inlet today. I realized the tide was high & that would allow me to access Tranquil Creek easily. On the way in ,I disturbed some Trumpeters. They flew right towards me!
Tranquil is always a great spot to be! You have no idea how beautiful it is. I slowly went upstream to the old torn down bridge & shut off my motor. I promptly started to drift with the current downstream. It was only 3-6 feet deep & crystal clear. The bottom is composed of various sized boulders from football size to gravel/sand.
I took my lunch with me again today & ate it as I drifted down the creek. I listened to the Ravens calling to each other the same way wolfs do.
It was so quiet that it was deafening. Very surreal,and so outstanding visually!
After finishing lunch I headed over to Cannery bay. Which is south of Tranquil. The Lions were there as per normal lazing about.
The sun was already in thin cloud when I came down. On the way over to Cannery I noticed the clouds moving in were thicker & as a result…..I knew the light was going to go bye bye for the day!
Oh well,thats the way the cookie crumbles.After a short visit with the Lions,I went back into town.
By this time the light had been snuffed big time!
I looked north & saw that Strathcona’s mountains were still in sunlight! So I decided to go to Morpheus to visit with Moe & Maggie. From their “front yard” you can see beautiful Strathcona in the back ground! I came around the corner & saw the “Atlin Post” about to enter into the channel between Morpheus & Nielson.
I quickly zipped out in front of her & took a few quickie’s with Strathcona in the background. I only had seconds before she was out of frame with the mountains as a back drop!
I than came back in. I noticed a Blue heron in the same spot I haul the boat up at. I managed to squeeze off a few more shots & that was that!
Not a outstanding shoot today but that Tranquil lunch was pure gold!

I found this Hawk in Browning Pass near the spot where they have a flotation walkway tied up.

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