I got out today. This high pressure system is holding strong! So I’m taking advantage of it!
I went down Tofino Inlet & took some extra fuel with me. I decided to go all the way down to the end of Tofino Inlet & check for the Lions. They could be hauled out down there? Turns out they weren’t! I couldn’t find a single Sea Lion down the Inlet!
I’m disappointed because that means that they are gone for good! The food for them must not be there? They only move around because of food.
Their numbers are way down! Less than a hundred!
Also no Stellers. (maybe one or two?)
While I was down the Inlet,the Coast Guard cutter “Cape Ann” came around the corner! They went all the way down the Inlet to Deer Bay.
I turned around & headed back to visit with my feathered friends.
I went to see Moe/Maggie first & than Romeo/Juliette.
Romeo flew over to greet me! I like it when he does that. It was a great day out today even if I didn’t find the Lions further down the Inlet.

This is a natural slide down near Deer Bay. I’ve always looked at it from afar. I use to be a Geologist,so am naturally curious about it. I noticed some rusty staining further up. Probably a exposed vein of pyrite? Mother nature has already down all the work in clearing away the surface soil. That way the structure can be seen and any mineralization! Not sure of the host rock, might be a “Quartzite”?
I hate when these things go off! All the wood debris makes the waters in that inlet dangerous! It stays that way for months too!

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