Psst!…………..”who’s the big turkey”??

I didn’t get out yesterday or today. I would of posted something last night,but a large wind storm took out the power!
Today was clean up day in town.
I didn’t shoot anything today,so I thought I’d put up something funny tonight. I took this last Monday.(Jan 23/12)
We had some snow and I was out looking around for things to shoot. While I was down at 4rth St. dock,I noticed a small murder of Crows with a big old Gull sticking out like a sore thumb! All the birds were on a local Fish Farm company’s fence (Mainstream). They’re always hanging around waiting to gobble up any spilled fish feed.
I laughed when I first saw it. I wondered if anybody else had seen it?
I thought the old saying went……”Birds of a feather flock together”! Someone needs to explain that to our fine feathered friend!
Lets pretend for a moment,that Mr.Gull was somehow brought up by the Crows & has always thought of it’s self as a Crow! Just a bit bigger & whiter! Wouldn’t that make a interesting book? ( anyone takes my idea I want 3% royalty’s!)
I bet the other Gull’s would look down their beaks at him!!

Another Frontal system is upon us, so the light looks poor for tomorrow. If the waves get up & It’s blowing out,I may head out to the beach?
Thursday is the day they are calling for pure sun! First thing I’m doing is heading down to visit the Lion’s! They’ve become my ongoing Winter project.

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