The cloud structure was all wrong today. So I decided to stay on land. I went out to the beach to see what was happening?
The ocean was very calm! I could of gone out to the Lighthouse in my boat,……..but why? If you don’t have the light,you don’t have a picture!
Speaking of which,I was fortunate to have a model(Devo) & her furry friend (Bella) pose for me out on Frank Island. They both looked beautiful in golden light.
The light literally lasted a few seconds!
I came back into town and saw Ernie & Ethel on Strawberry Island. The light was poor but they were both together,so I took a few. Ethel took off while I was glassing them. I think she felt me looking at her.
For whatever reason,she doesn’t seem to like me! She always takes off when I come upon the scene!
Thats why I “think” she felt me glassing her. Animals are very sensitive,except for us!

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