West Coast Boots

It’s been raining on and off for 12 days now! I’m just not getting the weather windows. If we get any clearings,they seem to be arriving at night.
Thats the way the cookie crumbles.
Mother Nature is the one that will decide if I’m going out or not. When she is ready, she will phone me up & invite me out!
She’s just taking her sweet time about giving me call!
This is the only part of my photography where I find I need patience! Waiting for the light! When I’m out there, I find I need no little or no patience. I just love it so much that I do not need patience!

Until I am able to get out,I’ll just be posting a few from some of my favorite shoots.

I liked this nude shoot. It worked out just perfect. I met two young women from Europe traveling across Canada. I managed to persuade one of them to pose for me.
She was a brave soul and I certainly appreciated her physical candor! I think she looks stunning in this light and the background wallpaper is excellent!
I’ve been trying to get this shot for several years now and all the ducks seemed to be lining up.
I asked her to wear the boots over to the spot I wanted her to pose. I didn’t want her to cut her feet on any of the broken shells scattered around. As I watched her,I realized that the boots looked cool & asked her to keep them at the beginning of the shoot! After all,this is Tofino!
Just 2 weeks after I took this,the temperature had increased enough to melt away most of the snow pack!
I shot this up in Lemmens Inlet,just out front of Miner’s Bay. There are several small islands there.
The mountains are inside Strathcona Park & are 22 miles away.
I wish I could meet more women as beautiful and brave! I have many more locations that would be excellent for nudes,but I need a great model and they are just so darn hard to find!

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