John & Jane Grice

Jane was born 6 days after John and died 3 days after him! Which would make her 3 days younger than John when she died!
They also were born in the same town & I assume died in the same place as well?

They died during the “Great Depression” as well. The medical report listed their deaths as being “cardiac failure”. John died of “Enteritis” & Jane of “Bronchitis”.

I’ve noticed that people who are together for a long time,usually die soon after their mate.
There’s something to be said about that!

7 thoughts on “John & Jane Grice

  1. I was looking at these markers and the death dates and thought the same thing, then read what you wrote about couples married a long time and passing away within a few days of one another. It seems there is a story on social media at least once per year about that subject. No use living after a mate dies after living with them all those years. Recently when Barbara Bush died and George H.W. Bush got so sick the following day, the stories swirled that all those years together, they could not be apart, but he rallied back.

      1. Yes, very good example – not always a mate, We had a couple not too long ago that were married 80 years or so, and had lived in the same nursing home the last ten years of their lives. One day apart they died. That’s true love.

      2. yes,I suspect that losing someone at that age places an unusual degree of stress upon a person.Shock kills far more people than we are aware of I suspect?

      3. I think so as well. The couple who lived across the street from us were good neighbors and friends. They were married about 65 years and inseparable. The only time they’d been apart was when she was in the hospital having their four kids. The husband had kidney cancer, decided on hospice care so stayed at home – he did not last long after diagnosis. My mom always said if one goes, the other will follow. In this case, he died, and she was so depressed she developed dementia. She used to call to me when I was outside and say “hey miss, could you tell me the time” or ask what day it was. She had no clue who I was. My mom and her were very good friends. My mom called shortly after he died – she did not know who my mom was, though they’d known each other since the day we moved here in 1966. Very sad. She was put into assisted living almost immediately, and house up for sale – she died within weeks.

      4. “supposedly” there is a tribe in Australia that can will themselves to death.If they see a remarkable “sign” one day they may interpret as their time to go.So they lay down & die.
        Not sure how true this is?

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