Canoeist & Strathcona

The weather is “grreat” right now! Our summer may of arrived late,but it is welcomed whole heartily!
I took my Trail camera over to that dead Elephant Seal and set it up! I think it’ll be a good set up!
There were people camping there again! Different people than last night!
I think it’ll die down after tomorrow night. The long weekend has many people coming up to Tofino to get away! They will start to leave tomorrow no doubt and than the beach will be vacant and allow the wildlife to come out.
I than went down to Browning Pass to look for any wildlife along the shore. I started drifting silently along the shore. The wind was gently taking me along. I saw movement in the tall grass and realized instantly that it was a wolf!
A pup actually and it seemed to be playing with some plastic! I continued to drift past them along the shore line.
Pepper came out and was scolding me! I didn’t even realize that they were there until they stood up! I think I have discovered their summer Den?
They settled down but kept a eye on me as I left!
After drifting past them,I started up the motor and went down to Tsappee Narrows. I got one shot of the Daredevil with the half moon in behind and one as well with Romeo too. Romeo is staying in the shade on the east side of Deadman Island. I have no idea why? He just is. These guys are a tough crowd in the Summer!
It was another great night out in Tofino’s backyard!

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