A Scattering of Blue Herons

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It was low tide and the mudflats were exposed. I went by the Meares Island Big Tree Trail and saw several Blue Herons on the flats.
I soon saw several more join them. I couldn’t get very close to them because of it being low tide. My prop actually struck the muddy bottom several times and that was with it kicked all the up! I must of been in about 10 inches of water?
I found out that a group of Herons can be called many things!
A “Battery”,”Hedge”,”Pose”,”Rookery”, and my personal favorite…….a “Scattering”!

Romeo’s Rock

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I love coming here at sunset and seeing Romeo flying over to me from Deadman Island! It always makes me smile. I yell to him “Hello” and ask him how has he been doing? I talk to only a few eagles. I’m rather selective.
He does chirp back at me,but not very often. He usually just looks around and chills out.
Meares Island looks beautiful in the background!

“Dropping The Landing Gear”

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The light broke late today and I scrambled to get out in the boat! I went down to visit the Daredevil and Delilah in Tsappee Narrows.
The clouds closed in quickly while I was out. I still managed to get a few tonight
The sunset was interesting!
Always great to get out in Nature!

Deadman Island at Sunset (with Romeo)

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The light was snuffed almost all day and than around 6pm or so ,it broke!
At around 8pm some nasty clouds snuffed it again and I thought that was it for the light show for the day!
Nature had other plans however! The sun came out right near sunset with some God Rays.
I had to find something to put in front and thought Deadman Island might be the ticket?
Romeo was chillin on the north island ,while Juliette was on the nest island to the south tending to their eaglets.


I didn’t go out in the boat today because of the poor light.
We had cloud cover all day. On days like this,I try to shoot flowers. It’s the only time you can shoot flowers really.
Clouds are Mother Natures diffusing umbrella!They make the light more uniform.
Tomorrow looks poor for light as well but we may have a good sunset?
Fingers crossed!
I shot all of these at the Tofino Botanical Gardens. They always have such beautiful flowers out there!

Monkey Bear

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I was able to get out today. The light broke in a big way and I was very happy to see that! I haven’t really had a good shoot since last Tuesday! Way too long for my liking!
I went down to Gunner Inlet and searched for bears but no one was home unfortunately!Once again,the tide was too high.
Bears eat according to the tides. Yes they do eat at high tide,but they prefer or look forward to the low tides for the good stuff!
I saw this bear several weeks ago in Grice Bay and thought it had a funny face? I zoomed in on it’s face and it looks like a older bear. I’m not sure,but I think he has lost some fur around it’s face and ergo the reason why it has a funny looking or unusual looking face!
Like most of us,as we get older we lose our fur!
I do like this bear and will try to get closer shots.

Romeo’s Moon

This shot is too late.
The moon is too bright and the eagle is too dark! The sun had set,so Romeo was in poor light at best!
This just proves that there is a very narrow window of time when the moon has a perfect exposure and the subject is in golden light. The balance between the sun and the moon is a very tricky situation! Photographically of course.
The moon always rises in the east pale and will get brighter as it rises into the sky. It’s during this transition period that a 20 minute window opens for the watchful photographer! When is that widow going to happen exactly? You have to go wait many moons to get a feel for that. I wouldn’t even want to try to explain that one.
All you really need to know is that you get two opportunity’s each month for shooting the full moon!
The first is always two days before the Full moon (moon rise-sunset) and the second is always the morning after the Full moon (moon set-sunrise)
The best time to shoot the full moon is this coming Monday(June 13th),but the cloud cover will most likely be too much and I’ll have to wait another month!
UPDATE: There were too many clouds for me to shoot the moon on Monday! I will have to wait a month to have another crack at it!

Naden Isle Heading Out

I got out today but in hindsight should of stayed home!
The high tide was coinciding with the time I was going out(6:30pm)! Which is bad!
I want the low tide and the reason for that is the bears. They are much more apt to be seen at low tide because they can feed better!
They not only over turn the rocks to lick up all the hiding baby Dungeness crab,but also scrap the Barnacles off of the rocks!
Than, after going all the way down to Gunner Inlet,I noticed that a very large and well defined cloud bank was moving in from the SW!
Which was even worse!
It meant that the light was about to go! That low lying fog layer was about to cut off the setting suns golden light! DAM!
I turned the boat and headed away from the approaching shadow to the east. I saw two eagles perched on Indian Island.I only had a few minutes of light but was able to get a shot of them both together and than the one with the female and the moon.
I had 5 minutes with them at tops.
We do not know each other very well.I have stopped for a visit from time to time but they just never seemed to warm up to me.
The male got skittish and booked it.
I took a shot of the female with the moon in behind her. She was turning to the side to keep one eye on me.
It’s good for them to have a healthy fear of us.
I have worked for many years with certain eagles and they trust me. They are not afraid of me. They really do understand that I am not a threat! So they allow me to get very close as a result!

Anyways,I only got three shots tonight and two of them are of the Indian Island eagles.
In this shot, the Naden Isle was heading out of the harbour.
I always like to take shots of all the local boats.

“More Than Meets The Eye”

I’ll bet that all of you out there cannot see what I’m looking at?
If your new,your excused,but for the regular folk who know I love my eagles,you always need to look for my eagle friends.
I shot this with the two eagles in mind. If you look closely you can see them both perched on top of Stone Island.
They are always there watching!

Mum and the Twins

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I went up Gunner Inlet tonight and was disappointed that nobody was home! It was near high tide so I kind of expected that.
After coming back out of Gunner,I turned to the right (west) and went over to Island Cove. I always heading west to Island Cove now. I find bears over in this area as well.
This Sow and her cubs seem to like hanging around this area.
Unfortunately I didn’t get too many shots of them before they ducked into the forest cover.
You van bet that I’ll be dropping by for “tea and crumpets” with my furry friends every time I come by this way for sure!

The Daredevil and the Moon

He did something I have never seen him do before. I was visiting with Logan and Angie (the neighbours) and he came in out of no where and grabbed a fish in their territory! He took off with the fish and with Logan in hot pursuit after him! Logan chased him out of their territory but did not attack.
They ended up just staring at each other from two small islands. It kind of reminded me of the way the Koreans treat each other at the border!
The Daredevil stole a base! Now you know why I called him what I did. He is without a doubt the most fearless of all the eagles that I know!

The best time to shoot the moon is this coming Monday. The moon rises at 7:34pm and the sun sets at 9:26pm. Remember that this is my time in Tofino. You need to calculate your time where you are.This is the site I use for getting my times. http://www.almanac.com/sun/rise/postalcode/V0R%202Z0/2011-06-08
That gives a time window of 110 minutes between the moon rise and sunset. A very good time frame! The day before (12th) is 3 hours and 7 minutes (too long) and the day after (14th) is 45 minutes.(too short)
I always look for the “Goldilocks” time. Not too long or short,but just right!
I get one shot at this per month or 12 cracks per year! I have to prepare and be ready for it.
Lets pray for sunny weather….aka NO CLOUDS!

Semi – Vampire Pose

When I’m shooting these guys I underexpose by alot! The Daredevil and Delilah are the ones that have a small bay that gets alot of shadow in the summer time!
I really like using this area as much as I can. It’s a perfect spot for shooting! It really presents the eagle beautifully!
I shot this at 1/1600th of a second with a f stop of 6.3(ISO 400). I would never do something like that normally. The reason I under expose is to make the structure of the eagles feathers more subdued.More mysterious!
The blackness isolates the eagle’s structure and projects it out to the viewers eye in a almost 3D manner!

Move Your Ass Over!

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Delilah perched very close to her mate and I thought she was trying to knock him off of her perch at first,but only wanted to be close to the one she loves I guess?
I have seen her knock him off of his perch many times! She does that to be dominate to him.(sounds familiar!)
We ruffle each others feathers from time to time!
I took advantage of this spontaneous posing and swung around to the west. So I could shoot them in that golden light!
You can clearly see the size difference here. Delilah is in the back and is much larger than her tiny mate……the mighty Daredevil!